Top 10 Predictions for the Romanian Real Estate Market in 2021

2021 is expected to be a year of recovery, but many uncertainties remain, like those  related to the vaccines’ ability to return everyday life more or less back to normal or to potential jitters about the monetary policy at the major central banks’, which would have deep ramifications in the global economy, Colliers International consultants predict. Working from home will become a common practice within many companies even after the Covid-19 pandemic, a more significant return to offices of employees being expected around the middle of 2021 if the inoculation with vaccines is successful.

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Romania should recover most of last year’s losses in economic activity by end-2021, but the recovery will be quite uneven. Some economic sectors, like e-commerce, construction, certain IT&C subsectors, have not blinked at all during the crisis, others should recover by end-2021, like retail trade and professional services in general, and some may take years (if ever) to crawl back to a decent activity level, like aviation, automotive or tourism, says Colliers International consultants.

Download the full Colliers report here.

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